Blind artist creates hypnotizing GIFs from famous images

George Redhawk was a professional radiology technician studying medicine who began losing his vision 12 years ago. After becoming legally blind, he began to explore the realm of photo manipulation. His desire was to show the world as he sees it from his damaged sight.


As a result he says, “Following the loss of most of my vision, I began to explore this medium as a means to express the world through my damaged sight.”


Consequently, this legally blind artist has raised the bar in the art of animated images with his ongoing series. With the help of computer software, he creates hypnotizing GIFs that feature a wide range of themes and aesthetics. As a result, he’s transformed photographs and paintings into eerily hypnotizing artworks. The mind-blowing GIFs of his series The World Through My Eyes, which take pre-existing images and animate them, shows how they’re perceived with his condition.


Redhawk suffers from Charles Bonnet Syndrome, which causes people with significant loss of vision to experience constant visual hallucinations. It’s a result of their brain trying to fill in the gaps. Because this style of animation is catching on in the art world, it’s being referred to as the “Redhawk Effect.”

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Check out more work from the collection of this legally blind artist and follow his updates here.


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