Website brings kids’ drawings to life in animated movies

Most kids’ drawings are normally stuck to the wall or proudly pinned to the fridge. But thanks to an Australian TV show called Doodles, your kids’ drawings can become hilarious animated micro-movies.

Whether it’s good, bad, ugly, monsters or princesses, all your kids need to do is draw. Once the doodle is complete, just scan it or take a photo and submit the picture to Doodle’s website. If a drawing reaches the top 9, it has a chance to star in one of Doodles’s animated episode.

Once chosen, the creative team comes up with a story for the character. Using character details given to them by each artist, such as the name and background details, they’ll create the script for the animated movie. After going through three processing teams: animation, music and sound, the final episode will premiere on ABC3 in Australia and Doodle’s YouTube channel.

For more information on how your kids’ drawings can be a part of these amazing animations, head over here.


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