Life in an ad agency shown through stock photos

Stock photos get a lot of hate. And most of time, the annoyance makes sense. We’ve all seen our share of cliché images, and there are lots of weird, creepy ones that leave you wondering who would want to use them. Then you see them thrown in randomly in a blog post or website and we all die a little inside.

But stock photos aren’t all bad if you can use them in the right way. Ad-inspired merchandise store, The Incumbent Agency, decided to make good use of typically mundane images by injecting a good dose of humour into them. By doing so, they’ve transformed these stock photos into brilliantly relatable portrayals of life in an ad agency.

Enjoy a good laugh with a selection of these hilarious photos below. And don’t forget to follow the Instagram account ‘theincumbentagency’ for more.

See? Using stock photos the right way can be effective.



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