Bring to life Photoshop and Illustrator images with Adobe Character Animator

Do you love creating characters in Photoshop or Illustrator, but wish you could make them come to life? Adobe has come up with a solution that’s now part of CC: Character Animator.

The 2D animation tool, which launched on last month, lets you become the puppet master. Generally, having a cartoon character mirroring your gestures is quite a process, but not with Adobe’s new tool. In essence, Character Animator’s goal is to drastically simplify the animation process using basic motion capture. Through the use of static Photoshop and Illustrator images, the program allows you to animate them to life with your face. You can even give them a voice by speaking into your webcam or microphone.


When a live Simpsons segment took place last year, many speculated about how it would be achieved. Would it be via motion capture? Perhaps a marker-less facial animation set-up? Ultimately, the three-minute segment, in which Homer answered live questions submitted by fans, was created with Adobe’s Character Animator; lip sync and keyboard-triggered animations by voice actor Dan Castellaneta added to the mix.


Clearly there’s plenty of tools available for live animation right now, from gaming engines to set-ups that enable real-time marker-less facial animation—such as that used in Adobe’s animator.

What’s new in Character Animator

So how does Character Animator fit into an Adobe workflow? Learn more about Character Animator CC on the Adobe Creative Cloud blog. Or you can check out Adobe’s 3D tool for designers—project Felix.