Colour your tree with Pantone Christmas ornaments

Now that we’re into December, everyone’s getting into the Christmas spirit – including Pantone. They offer a lot of the products you wouldn’t think of, including food from their pop-up shop café. However, Pantone is now selling a collection of glass ornaments to brighten up your Christmas tree this festive season.

Adding a dash of designer chic to your tree. Each pack comprises four ornaments that are available in turquoise, orange, blue, pink and yellow. They are official Pantone colours and come with their corresponding reference code. Also, the glass ornaments are individually packaged, making this a great gift for the designer in your life. Who needs ill-considered shades of green and red, when as designers we have an understanding of colour theory?

pantone-christmas-ornaments-1 pantone-christmas-ornaments-3 pantone-christmas-ornaments-2 pantone-christmas-ornaments-4 pantone-christmas-ornaments-5

To purchase these Pantone Christmas ornaments, which cost a hefty $39.99US, visit their website here.


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