Levitating storm cloud is actually a bluetooth speaker

Two years ago, Richard Clarkson made the Smart Cloud, a realistic-looking cloud-shaped lamp and speaker. Designed to evoke a thunderstorm, the cloud flicked and boomed out thunder, as well as functioning as a regular lamp. This time, he’s disguised a bluetooth speaker as a floating cloud.

Richard’s new cloud, Making Weather, was created in collaboration with levitation specialists Crealev. Made of white, hand-fluffed polyester fibres, each speaker completely unique. The problem with the original Smart Cloud was that it had to be hung from a ceiling cord. And having that cord completely broke the illusion of a cloud floating in your living room. Making Weather has magnets that let the cloud float a few inches off the base.


The best part is that the cloud has sound-reactive LED lights installed. Hence, these lights create music reactions like thunder and lightning, depending on what’s going on in the music.

making-weather-levitating-storm-cloud-bluetooth-speaker-2 making-weather-levitating-storm-cloud-bluetooth-speaker-3

While the Smart Cloud is an actual product that you can purchase (for a whopping $3,360.00 US), no release information has yet been announced for Making Weather. Currently, the design is still a prototype. However it will hopefully be available to purchase soon, although it likely will fall in a similarly expensive range.

Source: http://www.thisiscolossal.com/2016/10/a-levitating-wireless-speaker-in-the-shape-of-a-storm-cloud/

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