PANTONE Café has foods inspired by various hues

The impressive range of PANTONE colours lend themselves to all sorts of applications that go beyond just graphic design. They’re found in hair styles, fashion, and they’re especially engaging when it comes to food. So if nothing brings you joy like the perfect colour co-ordination, it may be time for a trip to a pop-up PANTONE Café in Monaco.


The café is where you can match your morning espresso to your outfit, or even get some ideas for redecorating. From smoothies to cookies, the iconic design system makes meals more fun. Similar to last year, the PANTONE Café will sit on the promenade of the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco. From there you’ll be overlooking a serene oceanic landscape.


The café partnered with French juicer Yumi to come up with several items on its menu. And all of the delectable items are named after, and inspired by, a PANTONE colour. The Monaco Restaurant Group, which runs the pop-up café, even has its own colour: Monte Carlo Red 17-1763.

pantone-cafe-food-inspired-by-hues-5 pantone-cafe-food-inspired-by-hues-3 pantone-cafe-food-inspired-by-hues-4

The restaurant group is looking to launch a permanent location. However, for now the PANTONE Café will be open this year from 14 July to 9 September.



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