Old books turned into fairytale sculptures

We often think of pop-up books as a simple way to entertain kids (or at least we did before the iPad came along). However, they can be so much more than that. When done well, pop-up books can be engaging, imaginative, and even works of artistic brilliance. If you want the nostalgia of turning the pages to a new 3D world, the you’ll want to check out these sculptures by British artist Su Blackwell


While Su appreciates a good read now and then, her vision of books is to take them from the physical and turn them into the almost real. She does this by turning old books into fairytale sculptures by transforming the flat pages into three-dimensional objects. The worlds she creates are amazing, filled with mystery, and incredibly imaginative.


Su finds her books in secondhand book shops and always reads them first before starting to sculpt. And her latest series, called Dwelling, is inspired by folk stories that feature wood cottages, tree-huts, lighthouses and other structures. She illuminates her intricate sculptures, adding even more depth to them.


“I have been compelled to create these dwellings now, as I am in the process of selling my house. I am leaving London, to possibly living in a quiet town by the sea. The process of buying a new house is daunting, an emotional upheaval.”

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