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Website Redesign

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Print Three is a Canadian business centre for print, web and marketing services. In preparation for their 2017 Annual Conference, Print Three wanted to launch the redesign of their corporate website. This refreshed look would bring their current branding more up-to-date with current styles, technology, and improve the user experience. Containing dozens of pages and sub-pages, the sitemap needed to be condensed, re-ordered and properly organized. Thus a new theme, which focused on print related material, was designed using the existing Print Three branding colours.

The website copy was revised and refreshed with modern, web and mobile friendly fonts and sizes. After which, each of the 50+ pages were laid out based on the new look and given custom hero banners and images. Now that the corporate website has relaunched, the franchisee micro-sites will begin to be rolled out; all of which are based off of this corporate redesigned theme.

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