Humorous superhero mashup illustrations

The superhero genre has never been more popular. From Batman to the Avengers and X-Men, there’s a story for everyone. But what would happen if they started to crossover with pop culture, comics, or even famous personalities?

Toronto-based illustrator and designer Marco D’Alfonso has taken on that task. He’s created a series of superhero mashup illustrations that’ll give you a laugh and make you look twice. Marco loves to mashup comic book characters and covers with pop culture, often as submissions to Comic Book Resources’ contests.

Check out some of his works below or click here for more.

Superhero mashup: The Muppets & The Punisher Superhero mashup: Charlie Brown and Spiderman Superhero mashup: Dumb & Dumber and Deadpool and Wolverine Superhero mashup: Professor X and Game of Thrones Superhero mashup: Kill Bill and Guardians of the Galaxy Superhero mashup: Spiderman and Dr. Seuss Superhero mashup: Avengers and Adventure Time Superhero mashup: Lilo & Stitch and Harley Quinn

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