Tesla debuts surfboard that immediately sells out

Billionaire Elon Musk has created some interesting merchandise to promote his companies over the years: everything from Boring Company hats to a flamethrower. Last week, Tesla debuted a new product: a limited edition US$1,500 surfboard.

Unfortunately for all of the surfer-wannabes with money to burn, they won’t be hanging a Tesla surfboard on their office wall any time soon. Less than a day after electric auto technology blog Electrek first spotted the Tesla-branded surfboard on the company’s website, all 200 available units had sold out.

Tesla debuts surfboard that immediately sells out

The surfboard was designed by Tesla’s design studio in in collaboration with Lost Surfboards and Matt “Mayhem” Biolos. And according to Tesla they use the same high-quality matte and gloss finishes used on its cars. The deck is reinforced with lightweight ‘Black Dart’ carbon fibre and is inspired by the interiors in their cars; black on one side and Tesla-red on the other.

“This is the equivalent of those Porsche drivers that wear their Porsche baseball caps everywhere to let everyone know they drive a Porsche. Ridiculous,” griped Redditor SourCreamWater.

Tesla debuts surfboard that immediately sells out

The boards—which don’t come with fins—can be stored inside or outside all of Tesla’s vehicles including its ‘Model S’, ‘X’ and ‘3’.

Tesla debuts surfboard that immediately sells out

If you weren’t lucky enough to ride away with one when they first came out, you can now find some on eBay selling for between US$2,000 and US$5,000 each.

Source: https://www.theverge.com/2018/7/29/17627664/tesla-surfboard-sold-out-merchandise

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