Women in China are buying anti-pervert flamethrowers for self-protection

Assaulting women is never the right thing. And now, would-be sex attackers could end up burnt or even disfigured by flamethrowers being marketed at women in China.

These pocket-friendly flamethrowers can hurl a stream of fire half-a-metre; helping women fend off unwanted advances. The device is being billed on shopping websites as a must-have anti-pervert weapon that can be discreetly carried in a ladies’ handbag. Chinese retailers like YIPINXUAN are selling the items; some look like cigarette lighters and emit small flames, while others hurl fire for half-a-metre with temperatures of up to 1,800 degrees Celsius (3,300 Fahrenheit).

To combat harassment, women are buying anti-pervert flamethrowers

The flamethrowers can be purchased anywhere between $6 to $50CDN, depending on how much you want to repel harassers. Each device sports a small lock switch at the side, however; preventing your handbag from melting or catching fire unexpectedly.

While a number of stores claim that the gadgets are legal and non-lethal, the Chinese police caution that they are, in fact, illegal. And delivering the flamethrowers to customers via mail is also technically illegal.

To combat harassment, women are buying anti-pervert flamethrowers

However, this is just the latest device that claims to help women defend themselves against assailants. Other anti-pervert products in China include rings that double as spikes, knives disguised as credit cards, and daggers hidden in keyrings. All are formidable warnings to creeps on the streets of China.

To combat harassment, women are buying anti-pervert flamethrowers

Ladies, let us know if you think a burning harassers is too much or not. And on a slightly unrelated note, check out some unconventional murder weapons.

Source: https://www.dailydot.com/irl/china-is-selling-anti-pervert-flame-throwers-to-women/

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