Water completes these bronze fountain sculptures

When you think of water fountains, what comes to mind? Is it a simple birdbath or perhaps something more elaborate like the Fontana di Trevi? Fountains have long since been a symbol for eternity, youth, and the idea of infinite springing from apparent nothingness. That’s why the past 30 years Polish sculptor Malgorzata Chodakowska has been creating beautiful bronze fountain sculptures.

Water is used to complete these bronze sculptures

Placed in a decorative fashion, fountains are usually composed of a statue, water nozzles and sprinklers. However, for Malgorzata, water plays a more fundamental role in her designs. The shape of the water as it falls adds context to her sculptures, providing a beautiful and striking visual impact. 

“My fountains spread the pure joy of life, combining the element of water with the raw material — bronze,” said Malgorzata.

Malgorzata’s rapturous figures seem to be the perfect bearers of this vital element. Youthful and luminous, the beautiful bronze sculptures nonetheless convey a natural power and boundless feminine energy bursting with great vigour. As the water erupts from the statues in unique ways, it creates a motion that also gives these sculptures a human-like presence. The endless stream poetically completes the bronze fountain sculptures, adding a sense of story and emotion.

Malgorzata Chodakowska bronze fountain sculptures

The creation of bronze fountains

Malgorzata studied sculptural art in Warsaw and Vienna. That classical training becomes apparent in the immaculate details of her angelic water carriers. They begin with the moulding of clay. As Małgorzata carves away layer by layer, the shape begins to reveal itself and transform into a magnificent statue. Each one can take from two to six months to complete, depending on their complexity.

To become a fountain, she then pours the sculpture into bronze. From there, Małgorzata forms small holes in the statue where the water will come out of and connects a water jet, thus bringing life to the frozen figures. Take a look at some of her works below or visit her website.

Beautiful bronze sculptures
Water is used almost playfully
Bronze sculptures make use of water