Artist creates monsters next to subway passengers

If commute on the subway, you either stare at your phone, the floor, or enjoy the pleasures of people watching. It can be interesting to observe people’s emotions and expressions. And the New York subway can be a pretty strange place, even at the best of times. Sometimes the expressions of these strange people, even bodily positions, are far too perfect to not add some drawings of monsters. 

Sound odd? Well, there’s an artist that specializes in capturing these random subway passengers, and then drawing in wacky monsters to the pictures. As you can see from these creepy doodles below, they look positively normal when placed into the scenes.


Ben Rubin is the artist behind Subway Doodles. He makes the most of his daily commute from Park Slope in Brooklyn to his office in Manhattan by drawing freakish monsters beside unsuspecting subway passengers. So the next time you accidentally fall asleep on the subway, you may just end up next to a monster.


If you’d like to see what another artist does on the subway, check out passengers captured like 16th century paintings.


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