Hidden rainbow hair is the newest fashion trend

There have always been different hairstyles that have trended; including PANTONE Colour of the Year styles. Some of us are just too shy or have a conservative job for these bold hairstyles. If you’re one of those people, you’ll love this hidden rainbow hair trend.

And when you add social media, there is always a new hair trend to obsess over. Inspired by the Youthquake movement of the 60s, one of London’s top salons, Not Another Salon, has taken the hidden hair colour trend to a new level. It was first shared on Instagram with the caption, “Hidden rainbows are all the London rage right now. By Carla [Rinaldi]”.

hidden-rainbow-hair-trend-1 hidden-rainbow-hair-trend-4

The style is so saturated and precise that it almost looks fake. Vibrant yet subtle, the colour was placed underneath the top layers of the hair and doesn’t curve all the way around. This makes it both shockingly out-there and office-appropriate at the same time.


“People used to see bright-coloured hair as an act of rebellion, but it’s just about knowing who you are,” said Sophia Hilton, owner of Not Another Salon. “We want to help people to have the confidence to challenge perceptions of what is acceptable in the workplace because of social and occupational restraints.”

In the last few weeks, #hiddenrainbow and #hiddenrainbowhair have been taken Instagram by storm. Fashion enthusiasts have been trying the vibrant multi-colour look and flaunting it in style. However, the only drawback is, the colours are temporary and start fading after two weeks.


So, will you be trying out this rainbow hair trend? If I had hair, I might.


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