Spring’s new hairstyle trend is the colourful Unicorn Hair

Now that spring is finally here, people are starting to get out of the winter blues and into colourful feel-good design styles. If the hidden rainbow hairstyle wasn’t your thing, perhaps this Unicorn Hair trend will be right up your alley.

Stencils give your hair a unique design

Hair can be cut, styled and coloured. But why colour all of it, when you can create floral, polka dots and other patterns in your hair. Stylist Janine Ker, from Salon Aguayo, has created her own stencil designs for hair.

Hidden rainbow hair is the newest fashion trend

There have always been different hairstyles that have trended; including PANTONE Colour of the Year styles. Some of us are just too shy or have a conservative job for these bold hairstyles. If you’re one of those people, you’ll love this hidden rainbow hair trend.

BMW shows us real helmet hair in humorous ads

You can buy a sweet new motorcycle and you can purchase stylish gear to go with it; but there isn’t much that can save you from the epidemic known as helmet hair.

Infographic: Men’s popular hairstyles

If you’re looking to spruce up your look with a new dew, it’s best to look at the current trends. That is, unless you’re looking to bring back the mullet. 

Find out what the best type of beard is for your face

Not only is virtually every Hollywood actor sporting a meticulously groomed beard, now even corner office CEOs are bristling, too. Facial hair is all the rage now; a fashion trend I joined nearly 20 years ago.

Do you think you should you shave today?

A popular method for both men and women, having a shave is a good short term fix for unwanted body hair. Waxing, however, requires a good level of hair growth (not too long, though) before it can be carried out. It’s also sometimes painful.