Beautifully designed cakes look straight out of fairytales

Kings and Queens, elves, fairies, giants and gnomes. Imagine beautifully designed cakes made especially for people in fairytales. That’s certainly what you get when you take a look at Julián Ángel’s baked beauties.

Colombia-based baker and web designer Julián Ángel’s first attempt at baking was a disaster. He first started baking three years ago; trying to create chocolate muffins. Unfortunately they exploded in the oven and melted like lava. Instead of letting that get him down, Julián kept baking and honed his skills. Now, six months later, his cakes and other pastries that are easily works of art.

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“I like to make outrageous and dramatic cakes charged with feelings, glitter, sparkles, swirls and anything I can imagine,” he said on Instagram. “Cakes are usually made to celebrate something, so every week of my life feels like my birthday.” 

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Julián enjoys making outrageous and dramatic cakes with glitter, sparkles, swirls and anything he can imagine. And while his fairytale-inspired cakes are filled with flavour from local ingredients, classic vanilla will always have his heart.

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The cakes do look straight out of fairytales, which is also what makes them look even more delicious. They leave us with the feeling of childhood nostalgia and reminds us of the magic of those whimsical fables. What are your thoughts on these gorgeous cakes? Share them with us or head to his Instagram page.

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