Hair crown looks like butterflies flying around your head

Butterflies happen to be a popular motif in the visual arts and design. Based in Ukraine, designer Iryna Osinchuk-Chajka of Eten-Iren Handmade Jewely has taken this motif and released a series of unique hair accessories.


These beautiful hair crowns are decorated with butterflies that look like they’re flying around your head. Individually handcrafted and decorated, this ensures each crown is perfectly detailed and unique. Made of EVA foam, these hair crowns are therefore resistant to water, deformation and colour loss. This idea has lots of embodiments; since there are a wide varieties of butterflies in this world.


Iryna has already created other butterfly accessories; such as pins, crowns, tiaras and combs. All of these accessories can serve as perfect fashion decorations for different occasions, like weddings or prom parties. Have a look at her stunning creations below, or check out more of her works at her shop.

hair-crown-butterfles-flying-around-head-3 hair-crown-butterfles-flying-around-head-4 hair-crown-butterfles-flying-around-head-5

Would you like to have a butterfly crown around your head?


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