Cute offensive animal greeting cards

Are you one of those people who love to hand out greeting cards? Well, I’m not. There’s nothing as impersonal and insincere that you can receive on a special occasion. If you’re going to give a greeting card, make sure it says how you really feel. So what if the greeting cards featured adorable animals and told you to “Go fuck yourself”?


That’s what artist NeverStayDead does. He doodles adorable greeting cards featuring animals like pandas, cats, and narwhals that dash all your hopes and dreams. From calling you fat to saying that no one is proud of you, the receiver will either love or hate the cards.


The artist’s idea was originally to get feedback before polishing the sketches in photoshop. So, he uploaded them unedited and unexpectedly the album went viral on Facebook.

Take a gander at more of his cards below and visit his Facebook page to see more of his works. Or check out some rude holiday cards for Christmas.

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