Limited edition art supplies created by Karl Lagerfeld

Adult colouring books are currently one of the top trending items, and rightfully so. Colouring books for adults are touted as a therapeutic activity to de-stress and increase mindfulness. They’re dominating best-seller lists and compelling countless grown-ups to find art supplies to colour with.

That’s why iconic German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld has teamed up with pencil manufacturer Faber-Castell. The company happens to be Lagerfeld’s go-to when it comes to art and sketching supplies. And together they’ve created a limited edition set of art supplies.

“What amuses me while drawing is the fact to draw. To me drawing is like breathing and writing. These are things that almost relax me,” says Karl Lagerfeld.


Called the Karlbox, it contains 350 tools for drawing and painting. Divided into several drawers, it includes Polychromos colour pencils, Pitt ink pens and Castell 9000 graphite pencils along with brushes, a foldable cup, erasers and sharpeners. The Karlbox also comes beautifully packed in a traditional Chinese wedding chest.


Priced at $3,000US each, only 2,500 art boxes exist worldwide. Of course, expressing oneself is all about having the right tools. That makes the Karlbox collection expertly tailored to seriously stylish adults. Although they’re currently sold out on Lagerfeld’s website, they can still be found in stores.

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