Oil paintings that pay homage to prehistoric animals

As a “passionate animal lover and horse rider,” Katharina Barth is a London-based German artist who enjoys capturing the world of nature on canvas. Many artists enjoy using animals as their creative muses. And while Katharina’s work is diverse, her favourite subjects are actually extinct and prehistoric animals.

Katharina, who graduated from DLD College London in Fine Art and Photography in 2012, is currently pursuing a BA in Painting in Central London. Her artistic focus recently has been on a series of eye-catching black and white oil paintings of prehistoric skeletons, which she hopes will raise awareness of endangered species

Katharina Barth oil paintings
Extinct and prehistoric animals

Katharina paints prehistoric animals like the Tyrannosaurus Rex, as well as mammals like the Smilodon, or sabre-toothed tiger. And to achieve the luminescent glow to her paintings, she employs a combination of oil paint and spray-paint in shades of silver and grey. Katharina keeps the background in soft focus, and as a result, these skeleton portraits inherit a timeless quality, resembling stills from black and white films.

Oil and spray paint on canvas
Katharina Barth paints extinct animals

While she pursues her studies, she continues to create incredible art, with original works available for purchase via her website. You can also keep up to date with the gifted painter’s latest creations by following her Instagram.