The macro beauty of nature seen through water droplets

Usually when we seek the unknown, we look to the stars. But what if we look downwards instead? Macro photography is all about making small things look larger than life. This can include insects, flowers, plants, water droplets and other aspects of nature becoming the focus of your photos. And thanks to digital photography, more photographers today want to know how to shoot macro. While it’s not always easy, Don Komarechka from Barrie, Ontario is showcasing the universe at our feet.

Insect on a leaf

Don’s macro photographic adventures reveal a deeper understanding of how everything works, even the ones we cannot see with our own eyes.

“I had always loved science but never had a mind for the theory. Photography became my way of exploring the world in ways I couldn’t see with my own eyes, combining science and art.”

Don was inspired early on by his father who had a lifelong love of photography. And after a long-term illness nearly claimed his father’s life, Don’s father gave him a bit of money and told him to spend it on something that he could see his son enjoy. That’s when Don bought his first camera. They then began bonding over photography. Today, Don explores nature through his macro camera lens, revealing water droplets as miniature works of art.

Close-up of an ant walking on a leaf

“All of these images are like little sculptures,” he says. “Very temporary, and only become beautiful when seen from the right perspective.”

Each image from Don’s water droplet series shows little spheres of water dotted across petals and flower stems. And through experimenting with perspective, his stunning photos reveal how the flowers are reflected in the droplets’ surface. Each globule gives the appearance of nature captured in a snow globe. Insects are often captured perched next to and among the delicate water droplets, further visualizing how fragile these moments in nature are. However, Don manages to immortalize these fleeting moments in his photos, snapping his shot right before insects bursts the droplets, or they fall to the floor.

“Photography comes in as a secondary element to document the tiny sculptures before the water evaporates and the magic is gone.”

Scroll down to see more of his stunning macro photography or check out his portfolio.

Water droplets by Don Komarechka
Ladybug drinking from a water droplet
Water droplets by Don Komarechka
Water droplets by Don Komarechka