Delicate animal portraits created from flowers

This artists animal portraits are inspired by the ancient and traditional Japanese art of flower arrangement— Ikebana.

The macro beauty of nature seen through water droplets

This photographer's macro adventures reveal a deeper understanding of how everything works.

Beauty and the Beast inspired roses that live forever

Few things embody the magic of Disney films quite like the enchanted rose from Beauty and the Beast. With the live-action release of this classic tale opening today, what better way to gift fans than with a magical rose in a glass dome?

Cross-stitch street art adds colorful blooms to Spanish streets

Cross-stitching is not just for your grandmother anymore. Spanish artist Raquel Rodrigo is taking the decorative embroidery to the next level with gorgeous floral patterns that blanket forgotten urban spaces. Raquel decided to mix cross-stitch and street art, creating some beautiful embroidered floral compositions on the walls of…

Handmade resin bracelets made with real flowers & leaves

Do you give the gift of flowers to your special someone? If you do, instead of giving them a bouquets that will wither away after a few days, gift these beautifully bracelets instead.

Beautiful Kay Bells jewellery contains real flowers

Nature is a beautiful thing. We want the real flowers that stay in bloom forever, but it doesn’t happen. That is, until now. Designer Kay Bells, of Ruby Robin Boutique, lets you wear tiny terrariums and pieces from the natural world in her jewellery.