Cross-stitch street art adds colorful blooms to Spanish streets

Cross-stitching is not just for your grandmother anymore. Spanish artist Raquel Rodrigo is taking the decorative embroidery to the next level with gorgeous floral patterns that blanket forgotten urban spaces. Raquel decided to mix cross-stitch and street art, creating some beautiful embroidered floral compositions on the walls of Madrid.


The artist makes her pieces by wrapping thick rolls of string around wire mesh. She prepares them in advance and then unrolls them at her chosen location. These installations bring a dash of colour and creativity to the surrounding area. As cross-stitch patterns are generally found on things inside the home, her public installations create an eye-catching contrast to the urban landscapes in which they exist.


Unlike traditional cross-stitching, Raquel’s are large scale. And despite the difference in size, her exquisite floral patterns still capture cross-stitching’s beloved pixelated texture.

Up close, the cross-stitch artwork is a patchwork of colourful x-shaped ties, only showing its true shape when viewed at a distance. For example, her roses are created with various shades of reds and greens for a sense of depth and realism.


Imagine taking a leisurely stroll through the neighbourhood and stumbling upon these amazing artworks. See more below and find more on her website or on facebook.



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