McDonald’s dull new uniforms inspire online teasing

Last month, McDonald’s unveiled new uniforms for its U.S. locations in 2017. And with that release, the new uniforms are prompting some online teasing; with comments saying the grey-toned shirts and aprons make employees look like they’re part of totalitarian regimes.

McDonald’s new uniforms were designed by fashion industry guru Waraire Boswell; who’s styled Hollywood bigwigs like Bruno Mars, Ellen Generes and Ryan Gosling.

Formerly a worker at McDonald’s, the designer explained, “I understand the design and functionality needs of the next generation of McDonald’s uniforms… I was personally inspired to design a look and feel that gives restaurant employees a greater level of confidence.”

The uniforms were developed based on feedback from employees and customers. And more than 70 per cent of employees said they would be proud to wear the new uniforms.

The jokes started after McDonald’s Corp. said the uniforms would start appearing in April. As expected, the internet found an opportunity to offer nuggets of wisdom in the form of memes. Among the comparisons being made to the dull new uniforms: characters from Star Wars and The Hunger Games, and even the North Korean government.

Have a look at the staff uniform redesigns from McDonald’s over the years, as well as more of Twitter’s most amusing reactions to the new look.


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