Domino’s new app adds a little fun to your pizza tracking

Waiting for the pizza guy can sometimes get you anxious. Will it be here in time for the start of the game? Has he passed my house? Pizza tracking with Domino’s just became more fun via its new partnership with IFTTT. The duo, with help from agency CP+B, has created Domino’s Tracker. It not only gives people the ability to track their order online from prep to delivery, but also connects your order to your smarthome.

The tracker shows when your order is prepared, cooking, quality checked, and out for delivery or pickup. Each stage in this process can be programmed via Domino’s new app to trigger anything in your connected smarthome. So now it can turn on the porch lights when your pizza is out for delivery. Or it can make sure your smart TV has the right game on. Or even start up Netflix as the pizza arrives. The options are endless.

“We understand how much people love using Domino’s Tracker; not only to know where their order is in the preparation and delivery process, but also to plan around that much-anticipated pizza arrival,” said Dennis Maloney, Domino’s chief digital officer. “Thanks to the endless possibilities of IFTTT applets, customers will be more connected than ever.”

Domino’s has long established its tech prowess, with the introduction of the Pizza Tracker back in 2008 to its Anyware platform; giving users the ability to order pizza through everything from Google Home and Facebook Messenger, to Ford Sync or a pizza emoji.

According to Domino’s, it’s the first restaurant brand to join the IFTTT platform. And it’s getting users started by creating a few applets itself; including one that turns on your Samsung POWERbot when the order is being prepared, which Domino’s says is “perfect for when the house needs a good vacuuming before the gang stops by for a pizza party.”

To learn more and try your hand at the app, head here.


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