Artist uses old saws to create ‘cutting edge’ art

Nebraska-based artist Cindy Chinn thought that there was something interesting about owning a plasma torch. She didn’t have much experience working with steel and had only used the torch once before. After finally purchasing a plasma torch for herself, Cindy had a welder friend teach her the basics of welding. She had seen amazing torch work on recycled objects, like shovels and wheelbarrows; fancy lace and ornamental designs by some very talented artists. Consequently, Cindy began to experiment with her new skills and metal art.


The first thing she did was grab a spare shovel from her tool shed. Cindy then created a simple tree design with a swing that an organic shape that she could easily replicate. From there she cut shovels until she ran out of them. After running out of materials to cut up, she started hitting yard sales, looking for anything metal that she could take a torch to. Eventually Cindy found someone selling old handsaws, 14 for $2 each. It was her big score.

cindy-chinn-old-saws-sculptures-metal-art-2 cindy-chinn-old-saws-sculptures-metal-art-3

Starting with 14 designs, she quickly built up a catalog of over 70, and becoming known as TheSawLady. The first year she started cutting saws, she was so busy year that she was cutting over 150 saws and shovels nonstop. And over the past year, Cindy has been shipping recycled metal artworks to France and the UK from her small town of 236 in Chester, Nebraska.

cindy-chinn-old-saws-sculptures-metal-art-4 cindy-chinn-old-saws-sculptures-metal-art-6 cindy-chinn-old-saws-sculptures-metal-art-5

You can visit her Etsy shop to purchase one of her metal saw sculptures for yourself.

Source: http://www.boredpanda.com/i-make-cutting-edge-art-from-discarded-yard-tools/

Daniel is an Art Director and Graphic Designer with over a decade of experience in advertising and marketing in the Greater Toronto Area.

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