‘Roofs for the real world’ Campaign

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Nahanni Steel Products Inc.


The Backroom Agency


“Roofs for the Real World” Campaign

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Nahanni Steel wanted to develop a creative campaign that depicted the harshness of the Canadian climate on metal roofing. This was to illustrate the resilience of their brand, Armadura Metal Roofs. Armadura is a 4-way interlocking metal roofing system with specially engineered custom trim. The concept behind the campaign is the harsh weather that takes its tole on Canadian homes. This was illustrated by placing houses with Armadura roofs in the path of extreme weather events.

The first concept shows a house on the prairies with a supercell in the background. Developed for the spring and summer, this concept became promotional posters and direct mailers. The second concept features ‘old man winter’ blowing the extreme cold and blizzard conditions onto a warm Armadura house.