HAHN Investment Stewards ‘Risk’ campaign

Client: HAHN Investment Stewards
Agency: The Backroom Agency
Project: Print Campaign

HAHN Investment Stewards (now Forstrong Global) provides global financial strategies to financial advisors and private clients, while focusing exclusively on Exchange Trade Fund (ETF) portfolios.

About the project

The client wanted to be unique in the world of finance. How better to do that then with an retro print campaign. The campaign, which focuses on financial risk in the ETF market, using their new President, Tyler Mordy as the spokesperson in multiple print advertisements. The first ad in the series played with the bull and bear market concept. Thus, a bear market (a short-term negative trend in which market prices fall) would linger in the background of the HAHN spokesperson who is aware, but not startled by it. The fist ad in the series was well received, thus a second concept was created that focused on the avoidance of risk.