Fusion Coffee Beans website design

Client: Fusion Coffee Beans
Eden Advertising
Website Design

Fusion Coffee Beans is an online retailer of Arabica coffee beans for pairing and infusion with cannabis, CBD oil, or hemp oil products.

About the project

With the legalization of cannabis in Canada, the client was looking to get into the edibles business. However, because that section of the cannabis industry wasn’t legal yet, the client wanted to start out selling coffee beans that paired well with CBD and hemp oils.

After creating the branding for Fusion Coffee Beans, a design for the website needed to be created to showcase the products and help consumers understand the roasting and infusing process for cannabis coffee. Based on the logo design, a colour palette was selected to match and compliment it. Web fonts similar to that of the logo were also chosen for the design. Using these elements, a modern design that used sharp angles and white space was created.