Luxury Menswear Website Design

Client: I Sarti Luxury Menswear
Agency: CM2 Media
Project: Website Design

I Sarti Luxury Menswear is a higher-end retailer for men’s clothing and accessories with 95% of its products imported directly from Italy. They offer a unique shopping experience geared towards specific European fits and modern styles. The vast majority of their clientele are professionals such as lawyers, accountants, business owners, and salespeople.

About the Project

I Sarti is a new business on all fronts; first as a company and secondly as a brand. As a boutique luxury menswear retailer, and not a large multi-location chain, the client finds value in building relationships and trust. With new products being introduced several times throughout the season, the client wanted a new website in order to generate awareness of the store and its products and to drive traffic in-store. By designing a more modern and image-focused website design, we were able to showcase the client’s unique clothing styles, options, and pricepoint that appeal to business professionals. Blacks and greys are used primarily because of their classiness, with important information highlighted with a dark red. And for their elegance and luxury, modern, thin sans serifs were chosen for the fonts.