Wonderland Food & Equipment


Wonderland Food & Equipment
Eden Advertising
Rebranding & Website Redesign

Wonderland Food & Equipment supplies carnival food favourites to arenas, festivals, theme parks and more; everything from popcorn and cotton candy, to nachos and candy apples, as well as packaging and equipment.

About the project

The client was looking to do a two-stage refresh/rebranding of their business in order to appear more fun, yet still remain professional. The first stage was to create a new logo design for their brand. The font choice for both the website and logo needed to be playful, yet still show that they were an established B2B provider. A colour palette was selected for the client consisting of pastel colours that resembled cotton candy.

The second stage was to update their website with this new logo, colour scheme, and give it shopping capabilities in the form of a "quote cart". The new website design incorporated these elements into a fun, friendly look and feel that works to sell products and equipment to existing customers, while drawing in new ones.

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