Heineken-owned craft brewer is making marijuana beer

These days, you can find marijuana infused in everything from bath bombs to pizza. In fact, once Canada finally legalizes it next year, expect to see a lot more edibles on the market here. However, already legal in California, marijuana beer has debuted.

Artist paints fake shadows to make people look twice

If you happen to be in downtown Redwood City, California, you might notice something out of the ordinary. If you pay particular attention to the shadows, you’ll notice they seem to be mutated from their original shape. Flowers sprout from the shadows of bike racks…

Reflective poles mirror the changing tides

The movement of the water and the sound of waves has always had a calming effect on people. That’s why American artist Phillip K. Smith decided to create a project where the ocean waves are reflected, instead of being “swallowed” by their force.

Realistic glass sculptures inspired by ocean waves

Inspired by their love for nature, ocean waves and the underwater environment, Californian-based Paul DeSomma and Marsha Blaker create stunning glass sculptures and vases.