Scents to help you work

Everywhere you look, it seems that there is a new suggestion or idea on how to increase your productivity and efficiency at work. This isn’t surprising, since cracking the code of how to stay on top of your tasks and truly shine in your work…

New survey finds people cannot correctly remember food brand logos

Despite millions spent on marketing, a new study by Kitchen Cabinet Kings finds that very few consumers can accurately remember food brand logos of the most well-known companies.

Turn a loved ones ashes into stained glass orbs

Having to say goodbye to a loved one is a difficult process. How one person decides to have their remains handled may seem strange to some; in the end, it is a personal thing. However, if you’re considering cremation, turning ashes into stained glass orbs is…

You can now bottle the scent of the dearly departed into perfume

Smell is one of the most powerful senses in the human body. In fact, it’s closely linked with memory and can spark vivid recollection of nostalgic moments from our past; scent can remind us of places, even people in our lives. Therefore, when we lose someone, belongings…