Turn the ashes of your loved ones into stained glass orbs

Having to say goodbye to a loved one is a difficult process. How one person decides to have their remains handled may seem strange to some; in the end, it is a personal thing. However, if you’re considering cremation, turning ashes into stained glass orbs is an artful way of keeping your loved ones memory alive.

Artful Ashes cremated remains turned into decoration

Traditionally cremated remains are placed into an urn, but Artful Ashes has created a unique way of helping you get through the process of grieving. The Seattle-based company simply requires a spoonful of ashes, which they then use to create beautiful glass orbs of your loved ones. Combined with a custom blend of jewel-toned colours, the ashes float in a swirl inside the glass like the tail of a comet, making a beautiful, lasting memorial.

The idea is not for everyone, but some people believe that keeping an urn of ashes on the mantle to be a bit morbid. Yet, some find the idea of turning ashes into stained glass orbs to be a comforting and beautiful way to memorialize the person they’ve lost.

The ashes of your loved ones turned into stained glass decorations

Other artful options for dealing with cremated remains are using them into create a painting or turning them into a certified diamond. You can even send them out with a bang by turning them into fireworks. Scroll down to view more examples of these stunning memorials. And visit their website to find out more.

Artful Ashes stained glass orbs
Loved ones ashes turned into art
Turn a loved ones ashes into stained glass orbs

Source: http://www.wherecoolthingshappen.com/beautiful-way-say-goodbye/

  1. yulan

    what is that?

    1. Daniel Swanick

      It’s a spoonful of a person’s ashes mixed with glass to create decorative orbs. They’re an alternative to a simple urn.

  2. Jorje Parsad

    I’m interested how much

    1. Daniel Swanick

      If you visit their contact page here: http://artfulashes.com/contact-us/ they’ll send you an ordering and pricing package.

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