Microsoft introduces the Middle Finger emoji for Windows 10

Emojipedia has recently announced a host of new emojis for Windows 10. Most notably is that of the Middle Finger emoji. Also referred to as the Reversed Hand With Middle Finger Extended emoji, it comes in a range of diverse skin tones for users to choose from.

Microsoft is the first large tech company to include the emoji in an operating system; Apple and Google currently don’t yet support it in iOS or Android. The one-finger salute has actually been around for nearly a year as part of the Unicode 7.0 release in June 2014. However, the release doesn’t appear to include the two-finger version that is popular in many Commonwealth countries including the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.

Microsoft introduces the Middle Finger emoji for Windows 10

And despite being around for a year, none of the major PC or mobile OS have had the courage to add the middle finger to their emoji quiver—until now. That means you’ll only be able to digitally flip someone off if they are also running a Windows 10 device.

What are your thoughts on Microsoft giving us the middle finger… emoji, that is?