Minimalist WWF ads show the impact of global warming

Climate change is already having a significant impact on global ecosystems and communities. Rising average temperatures don’t simply mean warmer winters. Some regions are already experiencing more extreme heat, cold, flooding and drought. To help raise awareness, Leo Burnett Philippines has come up with a collection of print ads for WWF.

The Philippines has long been vulnerable to extreme weather. But in recent years the nation has suffered from even more violent storms like Typhoon Haiyan. On average, about 20 tropical cyclones enter Philippine waters each year, with eight or nine making landfall. Studies have revealed that sea levels in the Philippines have risen by an average of 14.7 millimetres per year. As a result, valuable land mass is slowly disappearing; land that animals and other creatures depend on for food and habitat.

Even though the Philippines is about 5,700 km away from the Arctic Circle, melting ice caps affect life everywhere – even in tropical countries. And to illustrate this interconnectivity, Leo Burnett used the nose, beak and nostrils of a deer, bird and lizard respectively to create the image of these icebergs. Take a look.

wwf-iceberg-bird-iceberg-deer-iceberg-lizard-print-ad-1 wwf-iceberg-bird-iceberg-deer-iceberg-lizard-print-ad-2 wwf-iceberg-bird-iceberg-deer-iceberg-lizard-print-ad-3


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