Count down 2017 with a Scandinavian inspired calendar

Calendars usually take the form of small pads or wall hanging posters. Easily visible, they take up minimal space, making them ideal for office use. Now there’s a three-dimensional alternative that you can put on your desk, ready for 2017.

London studio Post has created a three-dimensional desktop calendar, named DodeCal. This 3D calendar comes in the shape of a 12-sided dodecahedron. The innovative calendar system was designed with mathematical precision to produce 12 four-sided, diamond-shaped faces. Each face shows one calendar month of the year. Just position the DodeCal to have the current month facing out front and you’re good.


Using high-quality European sycamore, the production process involves a combination of laser engraving technology and traditional craftsmanship. Three pieces of wood were joined together to create one solid block, before they slicing off layers to reveal the final dodecahedron shape. While traditional dodecahedrons use five-sided faces, the DodeCal uses a rhombic-dodecahedron design in order to turn out diamond-shaped faces. This allows it to display the calendar months, which are laser-engraved onto each individual side.


Each block measures 12.5 x 9 x 9 cm, so it’s small enough to fit in your palm. The first run of DodeCal, which was limited to 100 units has sold out. They are, however, producing a second run, which you can pre-order directly from its official website, priced at £$79 ($112.52 CDN).

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