Modern light fixtures turn into animals when illuminated

When award-winning Tel Aviv-based designer Chen Bikovski was growing up, she was fascinated by pop-up books. Mesmerized with the experience of three-dimensional storybooks, she transformed this idea into her design practice.

Hoping to evoke this sense of childlike wonder in others, Chen invented Popup Lighting. Popup Lighting is a series of animal lamps that play with light and perspective.


“The idea behind Popup Lighting was to create a permanent light fixture that would bring a magical ambiance to any space,” said Chen on her website. “A multi-dimensional light that would inspire the senses and ignite the imagination.”

Appearing like minimal aluminum sculptures, her two available fixtures reveal themselves when their light is switched on. Simple yet enchanting, the origami-like animals suddenly appear as a deer or a peacocks. Light behind the lamps create the effect of horns and feathers, subtly casting patterns that make each work come alive.

modern-light-fixtures-animals-when-illuminated-3 modern-light-fixtures-animals-when-illuminated-4

Found on the Popup Lighting shop, both of her designs come in an array of colours. You can see more on her Instagram, and check out some light experiments that are on the go.

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