7 ways to look like the perfect gentleman

Do you have a date planned or just looking to get one. As a guy, impressing women isn’t as hard as you may think. Even if you’re not a doctor or an entrepreneur, that doesn’t mean you can’t come off like the perfect gentleman during a date—because being a gentleman can take you a long way.

You don’t have to put on a certain uniform everyday to exude class. It’s all about how you carry yourself, how you present yourself to the world, doing whatever it is you happen to be doing at that very moment. Whether you’re at the office, on the job site or simply walking down a city street, the list below will show you that pulling off that perfect guy look is a lot easier than you might have thought.

Put Some Thought Into Your Outfit

You don’t have to dress like Don Draper every day to come across as the perfect gentleman, but you should care about the way you present yourself. You could have all the qualities that any woman would desire, but if you’re in sweatpants and a dirty t-shirt every day, no one will ever get close enough to see those traits. When it comes to fashion, look like you thought about what you were going to wear that morning.

Put Some Thought Into What Your Place Looks Like

When it comes to your home’s decor and cleanliness, most women have the bar set pretty low. It’s highly likely that they’ve encountered a few showers trimmed with mold and playboy posters used as windows curtains, so when they see your place, make it seem like Heaven in comparison.

Get A Dog (Or Borrow Your Friend’s)

7 ways to look like the perfect gentleman: Get a dog

Ladies love cute things. So much so that by proxy, anything near something cute becomes attractive. With that in mind, what’s cuter than a little puppy? When a woman sees you out for a walk or playing catch with your dog, she’ll start thinking about playing catch with you too–because of the cuteness and the fact that you can take care of something other than yourself.

Be Good With Children

You don’t need to have a kid–or borrow one like the puppy, because that’s wrong–but because of the maternal instinct, women seem to find men who are good with children 100 times hotter. Take your nieces or nephews out for ice cream, post some silly pictures on Instagram, and watch the Likes pile up.

Know A Little About Wine

You don’t need to become an oenophile, nor do you have to get a job as a sommelier, but knowing what kind of wine goes with fish (Chardonnay) and what kind of wine goes with goat cheese (Sauvignon blanc) will give an edge. It’s little things like this that will make it seem like you have a lot of class.

Do Gentlemanly Things

In a world of a texting, poking and online dating, those old fashioned things like opening a car door, or pulling out a chair for your lady friend will make you seem like the guy in the romantic comedy movie you were just forced to watch. It won’t take much effort on your part to make these small gestures, and in today’s virtual world where everyone seems to forget these thing, it will make her feel lucky to have found you.

Make Her Feel Like The Perfect Girl

7 ways to look like the perfect gentleman: Make her feel like the perfect girl

Nothing makes a guy seem more perfect to a girl than understanding who she truly is and telling her exactly that.

Hopefully these tips will give you a step up to becoming a perfect gentleman when looking for that special someone. Like this post if this helps.

Source: http://www.q107.com/2014/06/09/7-simple-ways-to-look-like-the-perfect-gentleman/


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