Ad agency immortalizes funny quotes from a client

Have you had a client that said funny things or asked stupid questions over the course of a project? For example, there are things clients say when wanting cheaper work and their ridiculous demands. A project team at ad agency Strategy Creative in New Zealand has definitely heard some humorous things. While working on a year long project, they were able to collect a series of funny quotes from that client.

ad-agency-immortalizes-funny-quotes-client-1 ad-agency-immortalizes-funny-quotes-client-2

In order to remember this project, they decided to design a special book to house these quotes. The book was then gifted to key members of the project team. The result is a minimalist spiral bound book featuring 55 strange, sometimes ridiculous, sayings. Titled We Said Some Shit, this vibrant, eye-catching book includes baffling quotes like “I hate being poor. I have to wear undies multiple times.”

ad-agency-immortalizes-funny-quotes-client-3 ad-agency-immortalizes-funny-quotes-client-4 ad-agency-immortalizes-funny-quotes-client-5

To view more images of this ad agency’s immortalized book of funny client quotes, click here. You can also check out more work from Strategy Creative here. Let us know if you have a client who deserves to be immortalized too? Share this post with your team and voice your views in the comments below.


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