Water Tables create the illusion of animals emerging from the glass

The living room is the most heavily trafficked area of a house. This is where you entertain the most people, so you definitely want it to look its best. A coffee table will not only provide you with room to entertain, but they can also become great talking points. So, if you’re looking to spice up your living room with a unique centrepiece, these coffee tables from Derek Pearce should do just that.

Hippo Water Table by Derek Pearce

Derek has created a series of Water Tables that create the illusion of animals emerging from the water. Each one integrates an animal as both its base and a crucial aesthetic element: the body of the creature seems to come up through the glass tabletop to create the illusion that it’s floating freely in a river or lake.

If you’re an animal lover you’re going to want one of his ingenious masterpieces. And in one of Derek’s works, an otter bobs gleefully on its back between two rocks. In another, a hippo rests on its belly, with its grin just beneath the surface and its eyes popping up above. His unique collection includes hippos, frogs, otters, dolphins and ducks. Each piece is both functional and delightful for lovers of animals and art alike. The final result of this art is amazing, merging homeware with sculpture.

Otter emerging from glass

Derek’s creativity stems from a wide breadth of experience as a performer, stage carpenter, musical director, and teacher. He’s been building his Water Tables for over 20 years, and his experience shows in exhibits and sales throughout America, Europe, and Japan. Enjoy some of his most clever designs below, or purchase one for yourself on the Water Tables website.

Dolphin Water Table
Creative designs by Derek Pearce
Frog Water Table


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