Crosswalks transformed into vibrant art in Madrid

Most of us cross the street without looking passed our phones to see what’s on the ground beneath us. The urban infrastructure that people are familiar with can be mundane and uninspiring. Seeing opportunity just under his feet, Bulgarian artist Christo Guelov wondered how crosswalks could become a thing of beauty.

To change that, Christo transformed the crosswalks in Madrid, Spain, into vibrant works of art that the city’s residents can enjoy. Titled Funnycross, his project is an artistic intervention of the urban landscape. The purpose, as in all his work, is to take something invisible to others and provide it with real presence.

By painting the negative spaces between the white stripes with striking, brightly coloured geometric designs, Christo has managed to turn the everyday act of crossing the road into something fun and cheerful.

According to the artist, the project also helps toward improving driver and pedestrian focus; by enhancing the visual impact of crosswalks. Funnycross is part of a series of urban art interventions that the artist expects to perform in a variety of cities in Spain and across Europe. Scroll down to view more images from this public art series, or head over to the artist’s website for more of his creative work.

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