Doodles become neat line drawings instantly with Google’s AutoDraw

If you’re like me, you probably remember doodling away on the computer using Microsoft Paint, or even Corel Draw. So it’s ironic with all of the amazing things we can do on our smartphones and tablets these days, that creating a decent drawing is still difficult. However, Google’s new program, AutoDraw, is hoping to change that. 

Google’s AutoDraw uses artificial intelligence to recognize what you are drawing. It then suggests a professionally-made version, turning your amateurish sketches into works of art. AutoDraw also has all the bells and whistles of a basic drawing program like Paint; allowing you can change colour, draw shapes, fill objects with colours, and select objects to resize them.

Doodles become neat line drawings instantly with Google’s AutoDraw

To use AutoDraw, make a doodle of the thing you want to draw with your finger. The AI would then prompt you with images of the things it think that you are trying to draw. Simply click on the drawing you want and your doodle would magically transform into a neat line illustration. Even if you’re truly horrendous at drawing basic shapes, chances are you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for.

This handy drawing tool is made to help users create simple graphics for art and design projects, or just for fun. It works on on phones, tablets, desktops and anywhere else you would want to draw on.

Is this the end of creativity? Perhaps. But AutoDraw is more than just a way to easily input clipart; it illustrates how Google’s AI experiments are evolving. The original drawings found on AutoDraw are created by talented artists, designers, illustrators and other “friends of Google”. You can learn more about this fun new web on the Google Blog.