Marble lips are the latest beauty trend to captivate social media

It’s been a dream of may people to have gorgeous marble countertops in their homes. However, the most recent trend involving marble doesn’t have anything to do with home renovation, because the latest trend goes on you. Marble lips are taking over Instagram, much like the previous crystallized lips and other lip art.

If you are looking for a make-up look that wows, you can’t go wrong with this bold marble style for your lips. Nothing is too unconventional when it comes to beauty, and according to Allure, most Instagrammers opt for the traditional Carrara marble effect. That look has a matte white base and grey swirls of colour throughout. However, others wanting more of a wow factor take it up a notch by using shades of turquoise, blue, purple, black, gold, and more.

Carrara marble effect
Turquoise lips

Bold, yet simple lip art

No matter what colours you choose, though, this lip art style is apparently simple to achieve. Watch beauty YouTuber Suuz Brouwer’s tutorial below to learn how to replicate this marble art style.

Marble lips are definitely an unusual lipstick trend, but each new version boasts a stunning look. You can scroll down to view more, or head over here to learn more about this attention-grabbing beauty trend.

Red and gold marble lips
Colourful lip art
Marble lip art beauty trend


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