Amazing 3D anamorphic graffiti that appears to be floating

Portuguese street artist Sergio Odeith can create stunning 3D graffiti optical illusions that evoke the feeling of spatial depth. However, these two-dimensional artworks uses clever perspective and shading techniques to create anamorphic masterpieces.

The talented street artist left school at the age 15 and never had art lessons, but has succeeded in having a varied career. He’s owned and operated a tattoo studio, sold some of his fine art paintings on canvas. And Sergio has even created large-scale murals for clients including Coca-Cola, Samsung, and Kingsmill.

Sergio Odeith 3D anamorphic graffiti Sergio Odeith 3D anamorphic graffiti

His impressive graffiti artworks, however, are his most amazing. Looking as though they’re floating in mid-air when viewed them from just the right angle, these works have been showcased in the Museum of Public Art in Louisiana and the Meeting of Styles, among others.

“I’m doing something original,” Sergio says unabashedly. “It takes me a lot of time to get to this level of perfection. In the beginning, my pieces weren’t so complex and perfect like now. For anamorphic pieces, first you create an angle and all the lines and shadows are based from that angle. It’s all about the lights and the shadows in order to make it 100 percent perfect.”

Sergio Odeith 3D anamorphic graffiti Sergio Odeith 3D anamorphic graffitiSergio Odeith 3D anamorphic graffiti
Sergio Odeith 3D anamorphic graffiti

How the 3D anamorphic graffiti is created

By tricking the eye with clever uses of colour, shadow, perspective—even using the ground—adds to the overall effect. Painting on more than one surface, Sergio can create a feeling of floating objects, insects and 3D graffiti letters. The end results of his endeavours are remarkable. Watch the video below to see him in action:

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