Discover Cake in a Can by The Food Ministry

As Marie-Antoinette famously said, “let them eat cake!”  The next time you have an intense craving for home-made cake, but dread the prep and clean-up, reach for a can instead. This brilliant Cake in a Can lets you enjoy a freshly baked cake, instantly.

Created by The Food Ministry, these stylish cans are conveniently packed with cake mixes. Each can contains all the simple ingredients to make Cake in a Can for one. After mixing in some water, you’re 15 minutes away from enjoying a freshly baked treat.

Cake in a Can

Food Ministry Cake in a CanFood Ministry Cake in a Can

These cakes are packaged with a retro-designed can label based on 1950s ration books. And you can take your pick of classic flavours like chocolate, coffee cake, or even birthday cake, Christmas cake and wedding cake.

Prices for these unique food items start at £4.50 (CA$6.36), and are available for purchase here.

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