Satisfy your sweet tooth with a fried Nutella ice cream ball

Nutella is quickly growing in popularity, with new recipes being invented for it all the time. For those who are new to fried ice cream, the idea of a grapefruit-sized ball of Nutella and vanilla fried ice cream adorned with crushed Maltesers is intriguing and a bit shocking. But for those who enjoy ice cream and Nutella, the Fried Maltella will bring you be best of both worlds.

The treat also comes with a hot, salted caramel sauce that you can either pour over the treat or inject directly into it. Created by Sydney-based cafe Piccolo Me, the Fried Maltella is quite large and is recommended that you either have a large stomach, or a couple of sweet tooth friends to help. Co-founder Roy El Hachem explained that he had created the fried Nutella ice cream ball two years ago but had decided to hold up and push the idea further.

Fried Maltella

“I actually did that one about two years ago,” he said. “With the new one, I thought I’ve gotta do something different, so why don’t I just push the boundary and see how far I can go? So I did, and when that happened I was like — Wow, I actually made it!”

The fried Nutella ice cream was given a one week limited release, and was unfortunately only available at the Macquaire University store in Sydney back in January. But that shouldn’t stop us from admiring the creation, now should it?

Fried Maltella: Nutella ice cream ball
Fried Maltella


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