The weird devices found on the Internet of useless things

The internet is full of useful information—and porn… lots of porn. But it’s also full of pointless information and ideas. For every energy-saving smart thermostat and weight-reducing fitness band, there’s a fork that tracks​ your chew rat​e, a cloud-connected bookmark, and an emergency pizza slice pouch. And that’s where the websites The Internet of Useless Things comes in.

The site holds a collection of tech inventions and other useless things that serve no real purpose to humanity. Inventions like BeatTweeter: a wearable ring that sends out a tweets out a final message to your followers when your heart stops beating.

RehabStudio design agency and tech consultancy came up with the Useless project after a trip to monstrous electronics show CES.

“In some ways, some of these smart devices are becoming really dumb,” said Tom Le Bree, a partner at RehabStudio. “Connecting things is adding little to no value, or by adding technology, we’re making them less valuable.”

Analyst firm Gart​ner has predicted there will be 4.9 billion connected “things” in use this year. And that’s only expected to increase to 25 billion by 2020; a market worth $70 billion a year. Take a look at a few useless things below and visit their website for more.


Internet of Useless Things: BeatTweeter

This modern, stylish ring tweets your last goodbye to your followers when your heartbeat stops.

Intestinal Track 2.0

Internet of Useless Things: Intestinal Track 2.0

Why wait for you body to tell you. Ingest this smart pill and it’ll tweet you when it detects an impending bowel movement.

Throne Master

Internet of Useless Things: Throne Master

Who’s the most proficient crapper in your office? Turn your daily motions into a game. Advanced on-board analytics allows you to compare and compete with your family or colleagues, showing who makes the biggest wins in the smallest room.

Stress Buster

Internet of Useless Things: Stress Buster

Meet the Stress Buster. This smart watch knows when you’re stressed, and sounds an escalating alarm to remind you to calm down. You can also connect it to your social networks to receive messages from friends at times of high stress, who can tell you to chill out.

While many silly-sounding devices may be useful to someone, there’s always going to be creative experimentation in a new market. Despite these useless things, Tom stressed that not all internet of useless things products are stupid. Some just need more thought put into their designs. What do you think?