Monochrome stencil illustrations brought to life with graffiti

Fighting back against the mundane, artist Martin Whatson uses colour to bring urban scenes to life. He accomplishes this by interrupting these monochrome urban settings with explosions of vibrantly painted graffiti. 


Based in Norway, Martin’s stencil illustrations and graffiti often focus on a singular matte subject. And that is to bring to life the bright symbols that have surrounded their bleak environment. Martin’s inspirations come from his discovery of stencils and the urban art scene. Afterwards, he began his own interest in stencil production, looking at everything from decaying walls to the graffiti and the posters that cover them. His continuous search for beauty in the city, Inspired himself to develop a creative style that blends these things together.


Using both grayscale and vibrant colours in his work, these monochrome designs were brought to life with splashes of colours.

Since his artistic debut more that a decade ago, he’s had several showings, both nationally and in international. Martin’s work has been shown in cities like Tokyo, Paris, London, New York and Los Angeles. Have a look at more of his creations below, and check more of his work on his Instagram page and website.

martin-whatson-monochrome-stencil-graffiti-3 martin-whatson-monochrome-stencil-graffiti-5 martin-whatson-monochrome-stencil-graffiti-6 martin-whatson-monochrome-stencil-graffiti-4


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    I love it how can i learn how, i am a artist myself

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